No one cares about a tech.

I wanted to focus on this world of tech work. It is a closed system and I don’t want to just limit the discussion to my own area of the world. I don’t think there is much of an audience but after some of the recent pushes for unionization of the tech world we really need to explore why so many technology workers are unhappy. What happened? Why is there such a shift in the mindset of the average tech worker? To find out why things are changing so much we need to explore the big companies (Google, Microsoft, and Oracle), alongside the local computer stores, the game shops, the world of game streaming and VR.

I have experience in the Technology world, as well as the world of unions and hold the copyright to “No one cares about a Tech.”. The intent is to eventually write a comprehensive book on the topic. I will utilize research, interviews, personal experiences and hopefully bring forth some of the industries greatest secrets.

I hope visitors to this blog are interested in exploring this topic with me.

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