Tech Talk

I just wanted to share some interesting space news. This is an example of good changes from government projects to private contractors. We might be able to learn from this. […]

This is incredible change in design and shows the SciFi writers in the 30’s and 40’s were right after all. I am shocked how often SciFi gets it right.

Looking at the brightest and the best nano craft, this one is endorsed by Stephen Hawking. It is best, most realistic method of interstellar travel. The crafts themselves cost very […]

It would seem this is a very compelling means of propulsion. It’s worth a look, the calculations should be very interesting.

It has been a while since my last post. I am just digesting the implications of the new 6U specifications. All the information is included here and with flow charts […]

I love the Raspberry Pi, and I still want to send one up but I suspect this project will be using mostly Arduino hardware. I like the idea of so […]

I wanted to take this opportunity to post some additional information on what CubeSAT’s actually are. I am sure the extremely few numbers of people coming to this page are […]

I believe this is the most likely component for the UHF communications system. Besides using most of the CubeSAT internal kit equipment. I intend to design a Raspberry Pi […]

So I was thinking how am I going to approach this project. I don’t see this being any different from any other project you may engage in. Funding to me […]

First Blog post right now related to the project. I don’t have much to show for Spelljammer but I may have more to come soon. I opened up forums and […]