Objectives of the Project

So I was thinking how am I going to approach this project. I don’t see this being any different from any other project you may engage in. Funding to me seems like the most overstated component of a project in todays day and age due to crowd sourcing. Financing takes a back seat to over all project design.

First of all I will take into account all the principles of project management that the PMBOK has has to offer. For those who do not know the PMBOK is the bible of project design in our modern world. It is published by the Project Management Institute and has been around since the beginning of time. Well the 70’s anyway.

The next step is to determine what methods of Project Management will be used to create a satellite and put it into space. I have friends who are into Agile but that is more for ongoing software development. I also have tools to consider with this project as well. Obviously I am going to use forums here and use WordPress as my platform. I also must worry about how the project time management will work over all. I know a lot of people who talk about forming project charters and so forth. I think its important to look at the parameters of a project but before that I think its important to define the tools. Project management tools are not cheap, or most of the time are not. So I want an open source set of tools used for project management that may be expandable so as to include a large team. I am going to assume I may be the only one involved with this project. My choice of tools may just be to organize myself into project structures, but I also want it to be expandable, to allow others to participate if they wish.

Since I am a visual thinker I am going to gravitate to Kanban. Kanban group management packages are available for free. I have it connected to my web server and can add users as needed. Users will be assigned tasks from a scrum board. I think this will move the project forward during most situations.

For those interested please review the following YouTube video

This is the first of the tools required for the completion of the project. This must be determined before work is put into a charter. You can’t develop a project charter before you even know the basis of the project.

Second step is parameters of the project, this will come in future posts.

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